Hyatt Regency Rostov

A Modern Russian Romance
Work in Progress

To find our concept for this project we immersed ourselves in the life of Rostov-on-Don, getting to know its traditions and historic monuments, absorbing the feel of this port city.

The art & design collection currently being assembled for Hyatt Regency Rostov-on-Don will reveal and vivify the different strands of tradition, folklore and ethnicity that have all been spun into the city’s cultural patchwork. The contrasting colours and styles selected for the collection will echo those that paint the characteristic views outside the hotel: the fusion of the bright notes in the Cossack costumes with the darkness of their horses; the parasols of the market place and the purple of the flowerbeds on the Don embankment, the tones of the rolling steppes outside the city.

The Hyatt Regency Rostov, a collaboration with 16th Line Gallery, will open at the end of 2015.

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