Kinsterna Hotel & Spa

Kinsterna Hotel & Spa, Monemvasia, Greece: Shortlisted for the European Hotel Design Awards

Double Decker curators merged history and contemporary art making in an intriguing art collection for the highly acclaimed Kinsterna Hotel designed by award winning Divercity Architects and Sofia Vantaraki from Thingk. Using the great discovery of the mansion’s original lease, a relic from 1838, a time when Greece was still a kingdom, and the surrounding botanical gardens; we interpreted this sense of wonder into layers for visual discovery through artwork. The aim was to extend the sense of tranquility found whilst walking around the palatial grounds into Kinterna’s guest rooms and common areas.

Architecture and Interior design: Divercity Architects, Sophia Vantaraki Thinkg

Photography: Cathy Cunliffe & Vangelis Paterakis

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