OCC: 3D Printing

3D Printing In Art, Architecture, Fashion, Product Design and Science

The first major exhibition in Greece dedicated to examining the groundbreaking possibilities of the medium.


An excitingly approachable exhibition which allowed visitors to explore current possibilities and future directions of 3D technology across myriad applications. A programme of workshops was devised to de-mystify the technology and show how its fundamental blurring of designer, producer and consumer will leave its print on all our lives.


We secured the loan of some historically important objects, e.g. one of the world’s first 3D printed chairs; Fosters + Partners’ designs for a 3D printed moon base, and the first fully lifelike model of the human heart. The exhibition proved so popular that it was extended for six weeks.


The exhibition, talks and workshops showed how:

  • 3D printing is transforming scientific research and medical techniques and is already used in everyday commercially available products (often in conjunction with more traditionally produced materials).
  • The increased uptake of readily available or recycled materials allowed by the technology will reduce our consumption of scarce resources and lower our carbon footprint.
  • 3D printing creates new possibilities for combining traditional craft principles with limitless customisation will transform creative freedom.
  • The technology’s fundamental blurring of designer, producer and consumer will leave its print on all our lives.

Brian Peters (USA), DUS Architects (The Netherlands), Foster + Partners (UK), IAAC – Sofoklis Giannakopoulos (Spain), RenJie Huang (Taiwan)


Danny Van Ryswyk (The Netherlands), Michael Eden (UK), John Rainey (Ireland), Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (UK)


Science & Health
3D – OM (UK), MHOX and CHP (Italy), Dr Richard Arm, Nottingham Trent University – (UK), Robohand (USA), Jorhe Lopes (Brazil)


ByAMT Inc (USA), Char Ha Lee (UK), Ejing Zhang (UK), Gabriela Lingenza (UK), Maiko Gubler (Germany), Pia Hinze (Germany), Silvia Weidenbach (Germany), Antonis Kiourktsis (Greece)


Furniture & Product
Andreas Schulz (Germany), Assa Ashcuach (UK), FormNation (USA), In Flexions (France), Patrick Jouin in collaboration with Materialise (France/Belgium), Peter Donders (Belgium), Studio Dirk Vander Kooji (The Netherlands), WertelOberfell in collaboration with Materialise (Germany/Belgium), Tseng Wei Lun (Taiwan)

  • 25 artists, designers & scientists from 11 countries
  • 80 objects & video works
  • Exhibition opening attended by 2,500 visitors
  • 14,000 visitors over the course of the exhibition
  • 20 workshops & talks by award-winning designers & scientists

Assa Ashuach Talk

User Informed Objects – A Shift in the Order of Use


Talk. The award-winning product and furniture designer Assa Ashuach talked about the consumer-designer relationship and the shift from buyer to user to partner driven by developments in digital technology. His views on open sourcing, collaborative design, the importance of objects and ownership and the sharing of design materials, minds and matters, enthralled the Athenian audience.

Silvia Weidenbach Talk

Is the future analogue or digital?


Bold, brave and expressive, Silvia Weidenbach is one of the first jewellery designers to combine the use of 3D printing technology with precious stones – a dreamlike juxtaposition. Double Decker sought out Weidenbach, winner of the Jerwood Maker Open 2012, for the way she combines a traditional training with new technologies in an innovative way of making which she calls ‘digital craft’. Weidenbach transfixed the audience with her thoughts on the 3D and 4D Printing process and the interconnection between analogue and digital.

Workshop with BlaBlabLAB

Be your own souvenir!


Workshop. Barcelona-based studio BlaBlabLAB set up a two-day open-air 3D printing workshop in Athens to tie in with the exhibition. Passers-by and visitors to the OCC were soon printing tiny figurine versions of themselves – all done in a matter of minutes. The partnership of Double Decker, the OCC and BlaBlabLAB brought 3D Printing out of the closed world of the hi-tech studio or factory and into a public space, blurring the boundary between producers and consumers.


Location: Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
Date: 15 December 2014 – 18 February 2015
Curation: Double Decker
Organisation: OCC Communication & Marketing Department: Afroditi Panagiotakou, Marianna Platyrrachou
Coordination: OCC: Elisavet Pantazi
Exhibition Design & Supervision: Parmenides, Longuépée
3D printers: Anima
Additional support: 3Doodler & Chocedge
Photography: Anna Stathaki

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