NIFTY No. 20 is the signature restaurant at PURO Poznań. Its Double Decker-developed visual identity revolves around the simple concept of the dinner plate and its symbolisation of the universal ritual of socialising over food. The logo is a synthesis of the custom-designed typeface and a graphic interpretation of a plate – an abstract symbol that then subtly recurs throughout Nifty NO. 20’s bespoke tableware as an ode to Poland’s tradition of ceramic manufacturing.  
The plates incorporated in the identity were sourced from markets all over the world, reflecting the diversity of PURO’s international guests. Nifty No. 20’s name makes playful reference to its location on 20 Ul. Żydowska Street. 


Client: NIFTY NO. 20 restaurant café and bar, PURO Hotels
Location: Poznań, Poland
Project: Naming, brand identity, printed material and signage