Photography by Anna Stathaki

Directors Wilhelm Finger and Melita Skamnaki lead every project with a core team of experienced designers and curators, together with a wide and developing network of experts, artists and designers, and fabricators specially sourced for each assignment.

The experience of Double Decker’s founders is unique. With a background in communications, fashion, design and art history, together with our international multidisciplinary team, we are able to predict the ebbs and flows of popular culture, and the changing needs of the modern traveller. 

We curate. We design. We produce.

Double Decker’s practice encompasses a full range of creative services.

Hotel Curating

Double Decker’s curatorial expertise brings a conceptual edge to hotel spaces. More holistic and considered than that of a conventional art buyer, our service delivers unique art collections tailored to each hotel; with a narrative that deepens and reinforces a brand. We enrich every project by getting to know its characteristics and context and assembling a collection that reflects this and resonates with it.  Discovering local art scenes before they reach the mainstream, our team adds a fresh perspective to every hotel. We stay close to artists, designers, architects and the act of creation itself.

Art Sourcing & Procurement
Our close relationships with the most innovative international artists, designers and fabricators, coupled with a sharp attention to detail, make Double Decker a guarantor of the highest quality in art procurement. We source work across the full spectrum of media (including painting, illustration, photography, prints & graphic art, artefacts, sculpture and site specific installations) and offer a complete service including initial idea and visualisation, procurement, budget management, logistics, insurance, licensing, and installation.
Branding & Creative Direction

We bring a curatorial approach to brand strategies. From powerful and effective visual identities to signage design and way-finding strategies, our vision and expertise make for a more compelling brand consistency.

Installations, Objects & Artwork

At Double Decker we are creatives first and always, wedding a research-based approach to design passion and commitment. We are able to design everything in-house, from bas-reliefs and graphic art to decorative objects and sculpture. Our worldwide network of artists and manufacturers then brings our creations to life, adding a unique signature to the spaces we curate.

Exhibition & Programme Curating

Armed with a curious and provocative spirit, we curate exhibitions and programmes, collaborating with key institutions, artists and designers worldwide. Our continuing conversation with audience and clients keeps our approach to concept, research, exhibition design, narrative, and interpretation alive and contemporary. Audience engagement is our particular strength.

Photography by Michael Mann

Wilhelm Finger

Wilhelm Finger is a curator and creative consultant. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins and a Master’s Degree in Curating Contemporary Design from Kingston University in partnership with the Design Museum, London. He has curated publications, exhibitions and programmes in internationally acclaimed museums around the globe – Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Brazil; Design Museum, London; Science Museum, London; and Onassis Cultural Centre Athens. He has given lectures in several art and design institutions (Design Museum, Kingston University). He has over 20 years experience in the creative industries and has worked as an art director for leading publications such as Wonderland, Ten Magazine, IQONS Magazine, The Times and Tush Magazine, as well as creating design concepts for Studio UK, working on accounts such as Comme des Garçons, Shiseido and Topshop.


Melita Skamnaki

Melita Skamnaki is curator and creative consultant. She holds an MA in Curating Contemporary Design from Kingston University in partnership with the Design Museum, London. She has also studied Art and Design at Camberwell College of Arts, and Creative Advertising at West Thames College, London. She has curated publications as well as exhibitions and programmes in museums like the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Brazil; Design Museum, London; Science Museum, London; and Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens. She has given lectures in several Art and Design institutions like the Design Museum and Kingston University in London. Before moving to London she worked as a copywriter and creative director at DDB Athens, Upset and Ogilvy Athens, dealing with clients such us Vodafone, Aegean Airlines, Action Aid etc. Her work has been nominated and awarded for several creativity and effectiveness awards.