Oscar Niemeyer Museum: Katalogue XXL

Double Decker’s curatorial vision ensured this prestigious museum’s first foray into the field of contemporary art and design was a resounding success, reaching new audiences and breaking attendance records.


Believing that the expanded, grandiose and supersized are key tropes of our time, Double Decker selected 33 international artists and designers and posed them the question: what does XXL mean to you? The resulting biennale-style show of over 80 works was the most successful at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum since its opening in 2003 – the run extended twice by popular demand – with Double Decker’s global connections and local presence key to achieving this.


Viewers were guided through a boldly conceptual showcase, amplified through over 80 forms of larger-than-life creative expression. From a range of backgrounds, styles and unique practices, artists were risk-taking in their approach and large-scale in their execution, whether in concept, medium or aesthetic. Exploding boundaries and expanding enquiries, the resulting exhibition was a global recognition of a communicative phenomena and a celebration of fearless new talent in the art world.


Location: Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba, Brazil
Date: October 2008 – June 2009


Teis Albers (Netherlands), Kirsty Allison (UK), Niels Alpert (US), Ranko Andjelic (UK), Craig Atkinson (UK), Dani Bembibre (Spain), Tweak (UK), Dominik Bulka (Poland), Marie Brianso (France), Alexander Egger (Austria), Ellen van Engelen (Belgium), Garance Doré (France), Matt Furie (US), Bang (Lithuania), Yuval Hen (UK), Ordinarymary (Denmark), Kako (Brazil), Bruna Kazinoti (Croatia), Thomas Keeley (US), Kevin Kingston (UK), PCP (Japan), Michael Mann (Germany), Ryan McClelland (UK), Motomichi (US), Toby Neilan (UK), Karolina Novak (Australia), Linn Olofsdotter (US), Flavio B de Paula (Brazil), Madleen Pförtner (Germany), Madoka Sakamoto (Japan), Philip Ullrich (Germany), Cityabyss (UK), Fiodor Sumkin (Netherlands), Eric Sin (US).


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