PURO Hotels Identity

We mapped our new and highly directional visual identity for PURO onto its key platforms in print and online, using unconventional material to surprise and seduce the PURO guest. The bold black and white stripes suggest the fresh and exciting path through the city that PURO offers its guests, and more broadly symbolise the brand’s embracing of progressiveness and constant evolution.


Creative, coherent and guest-centric, the overarching brand identity is instantly recognisable and globally accessible, with the clear graphic separation of the letter ‘U’ in the logo powerfully communicating the message that ‘you’ (the guest) are at the centre of PURO’s vision – while also providing a visual reminder of every hotel’s central location.


PURO Hotels’ strong branding and playful but incisive concept have recently seen it labelled by Wallpaper* magazine as ‘the hospitality group to watch’.


A series of PURO-specific, pocket-sized city maps were made in collaboration with local illustration artists and designed to reflect the PURO hotel’s role as a hub of experiences.


Double Decker teamed up with three local illustrators to fashion exclusive and truly authentic map-guides for PURO Wrocław, PURO Kraków and PURO Poznań, each channeling their city’s spirit through the use of colour, typography and illustrations. The pocket maps feature the curator’s own carefully considered suggestions of things to do and places to be, all informed by our up-to-the-minute, on-the-ground knowledge, applied with the culture-seeking and design-savvy PURO guest in mind.


Client: PURO Hotels

Location: Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk Poland