Design Museum: Dressing the Subconscious

Film and Costume Design in conversation

Filmmaker Sophie Fiennes, Pamela Church Gibson (London College of Fashion) in conversation about the role of fashion in Surrealist film.


From beer-filled prosthetic legs to jockstraps over white overalls, the psychotic, fantastic world of surreal costume was meticulously unpicked in a dynamic discussion between filmmaker and fashion expert.

From its beginnings right up to the present, clothing and costume design have been powerful components of surrealist cinema, playing a significant role in character development and film narrative.


The conversation had three films as reference points:
The Holy Mountain (1973), Alejandro Jodorowsky
Brazil (1985), Terry Gilliam
The Saddest Music in the World (2003), Guy Maddin


Pamela Church Gibson: Reader in Cultural and Historical Studies, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London
Sophie Fiennes:
Ian Peacock (Chair):
 Cultural Radio Presenter & Writer, BBC


Location: Bargehouse, London
Date: October 2009
Curation: Double Decker
Support: Kingston University and the Design Museum

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