OCC: Rebecca Louise Law Installation

A seven floor high sky of 11,000 flowers floating above the visitor’s head – an encounter with the dreamlike, the sublime and visually shifting perceptions of a space and of an institution.


We commissioned London based artist Rebecca Louise Law, known for her flower-based collaborations with Damien Hirst and fashion designer Matthew Williamson, to create a softly startling living installation. Law’s piece beautifully gestures towards the sensitivity and evanescence of the act of creation to which the OCC’s powerful building is dedicated. The installation was a delicate and evolving response to the masculine architectural strength and stability of the space.


Drawing on the flora of Greece for her inspiration, Law used flowers and aromatic herbs – including carnations, roses, lavender, basil, oregano, olive trees and heliotrope – to transform the OCC foyer into a green, flower-filled sky. Time-based and truly site-specific, the installation gradually evolved in form, colour and shape, allowing visitors to experience its growth and grandeur.

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